Oxford nanoSystems develop innovative coating technologies to improve heat transfer in components for industrial, transport and electronics platforms.

Founded in 2012, Oxford nanoSystems have spent five years developing a ground-breaking coating technology which has shown substantial enhancements in heat transfer capabilities when applied to heat exchangers and other two-phase systems.

The goal of Oxford nanoSystems is to enable the production of higher value and more efficient products which consume less energy, limit environmental impact and reduce costs for consumers and manufacturers. The coatings have been independently assessed by world-leading thermal engineers at Brunel University and displayed heat transfer coefficient increases of over 524% compared to untreated surfaces.

Established by experienced academics and business professionals from the Oxford community, OnS is based at Blacklands Way, Abingdon Business Park, and has a vision to implement its coating technology onto components which have been fully manufactured onsite within existing production facilities, improving efficiencies, sizes and cost structures for those manufacturers.