Alexander Reip

Chief Technology Officer

Alex came to the company at its foundation in 2012. With an MSc in Chemistry from The University of Reading, he completed his Materials Sciences PhD from Brunel University concurrently to working as CSO.

He spent three years developing the company’s innovative nanoFLUX® coating technology, including co-writing its core patent, before being appointed CEO in 2015. Within this role he has established relationships with major worldwide manufacturers within heat exchanger technologies, and into waste heat recovery and electronics-cooling markets, whilst remaining highly involved in the scientific development of the nanoFLUX® process, reducing deposition duration and reliance on market-controlled resource costs.

Dr Reip has had success at winning multiple IUK and RSC grants, working with HEIs, SMEs and large Multinationals. He has a decade of experience in the synthesis and analysis of nanomaterials and coatings, as well as proficiency with a vast scope of analytical and imaging techniques. His PhD thesis tackled “Studies on the Synthesis and Use of Rare Earth Doped Nanophosphors for Application on Latent Fingerprints”; work which contributed to a chapter in “Infrared and Raman Spectroscopy in Forensic Science” and which he presented at international and industrial conferences.

Alex won the 2018 Oxford Trust Entrepreneur of the Year Award and the 2019 Royal Society of Chemistry Rising Star In Industry Award and was shortlisted for the 2019 Institute of Directors Innovation Director of the Year Award.

He is a Chartered Chemist and Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry, part of the Institute of Directors “IoD 99” network of young entrepreneurs, member of the EPSRC Early Careers Forum, on the Science panel for the new DfE T-Levels and a member of the Royal Society of Chemistry’s Professional Standards Board.