Sep 17, 2020

Alexander Reip

Sep 17, 2020

Alex came to the company at its foundation in 2012. With an MSc in Chemistry from The University of Reading, he completed his Materials Sciences PhD from Brunel University concurrently to working as CTO.

He spent three years developing the company’s innovative nanoFLUX® coating technology, including co-writing its core patent, before being appointed CEO in 2015. Within this role he has established relationships with major worldwide manufacturers within heat exchanger technologies, and into waste heat recovery and electronics-cooling markets, whilst remaining highly involved in the scientific development of the nanoFLUX® process, reducing deposition duration and reliance on market-controlled resource costs.

In 2020 he stepped down as CEO to bring in a more experienced commercial presence to the company and returned to the CTO position full time.

Alex has won multiple awards including the 2018 Oxford Trust Entrepreneur of the Year Award and the 2019 Royal Society of Chemistry Rising Star In Industry Award.