Chemical Technician

The Role:

We are currently looking for a Chemical Technician. The role will involve.

  • Maintaining and operating specialised instrumentation and laboratory equipment.
  • Developing equipment protocols and assist with repairs as required.
  • Supervising the use of laboratory equipment, provide assistance and training, monitor and provide support for calibration and service contracts for agreed equipment.
  • Monitoring and ensuring the correct storage of chemicals, waste and other specialist materials in accordance with C.O.S.H.H. (maintaining records where required).
  • Carrying out individually small projects when required by the company

The Company:

With world-wide use of air conditioning and other energy-hungry cooling systems growing year on year, the demand on global generating capacity is becoming significant. Today, cooling systems alone emit 7% of total GHG and consume 17% of worldwide electricity, numbers projected to double by 2030. New technologies are urgently needed to reduce the impact of these systems.

Oxford nanoSystems develops advanced and highly innovative coating technologies that enable heat exchangers to be made smaller, lighter and  more efficient – and at lower cost. Our mission is to drive improvements in the cost and environmental impact of cooling, heating and energy recovery systems.

We are looking for a talented, motivated individual to join our informal, innovative team.

Candidate Profile:

The ideal candidate will be degree qualified in a related Chemistry or Materials discipline.

Main Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Routine analysis of solutions used in the Company pilot plant
  • Responsible for stock chemical ordering, dispensing, storage and safe disposal.
  • Responsible for the service and calibration (including record keeping) of laboratory equipment and maintenance of warranty / service records. Ensure that these procedures are documented through a quality management system to comply with ISO-9000.
  • Assist in teaching laboratory preparation and in demonstrating practical skills and techniques to undergraduate students.
  • Assist in the coating of large components using R&D plant
  • Ability to conduct thorough research and document findings in well-organised manner quickly and efficiently.
  • Operating, developing, troubleshooting and validating of analytical methods

Skills and Experience:

  • Experience in Analytical Chemistry or Inorganic Chemistry required.
  • A research degree (BSc / MSc) is required, though consideration will be given for relevant experience.
  • Experience in electrodeposition techniques beneficial.
  • Excellent communication skills.

Apply Now:

Please email your CV and cover letter outlining your interest in this role to

Please ensure that you have the right to work in the UK before applying to work with us. We are based in Abingdon, Oxfordshire


Contact to apply
Contact to apply

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