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Hydrogen Generation
Heat Transfer

Hydrogen Generation

Green hydrogen is produced by electrolysis of water using electricity from renewable sources.  Green hydrogen could have a critical role in the race to achieve net zero – particularly by helping to decarbonise energy intensive sectors such as aviation, international shipping and heavy industry. For this goal to be realised, the production cost of green hydrogen needs to be drastically reduced. This requires economies of scale and lower renewable energy costs – but also significant reductions in the capex cost of electrolyser systems.

OnS has developed advanced electrode coating for alkaline water electrolysers. Based on our core nanoFLUX technology, these innovative coatings:

  • Provide excellent catalytic activity yet are free from platinum group metals. 
  • Reduce losses and improve efficiency. 
  • Increase operating current densities, increasing hydrogen production capacity.
  • Provide durable and stable operation against reverse currents caused by transient shutdown events.
  • Are applied using an economical, highly scalable and environmentally safe electro-plating process.

Our electrode coatings enhance the capacity and lower the capex of alkaline water electrolysers, driving down the production cost of green hydrogen. The benefits of our coating technology are far-reaching. By making hydrogen generation more cost effective, we can help accelerate the growth of the hydrogen economy, allowing for the development of new, clean energy solutions that will benefit humanity for generations to come.

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Heat Transfer

Continued expansion of the world population combined with increases in living standards is causing unprecedented growth in the demand for cooling and heating. At OnS, we recognize the urgent need to improve the efficiency and performance of heat transfer systems in order to meet this demand – particularly as the world attempts to reach carbon neutrality.

Two-phase heat exchangers are core components of almost all heating and cooling systems, including refrigeration systems, air conditioners and heat pumps.

Our advanced coating technologies have been developed to enhance two-phase heat transfer, resulting in significant improvements in the overall capacity and energy efficiency of heat exchangers. By increasing the capacity of these systems, we can extend the range and market reach of product lines. Alternatively, we can achieve significant reductions in size, weight, and cost without compromising capacity.

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