Economical, environmentally-friendly and compatible with a range of substrates, OnS coatings dramatically improve catalytic efficiency within alkaline water electrolysers.
The Science


Our core technology, nanoFLUX is an innovative metallic-alloy coating with an optimal combination of large surface area, high porosity and dense nucleation sites. This novel surface structure increases the rate and efficiency of chemical and physical processes involving the generation of gas bubbles at a surface. nanoFLUX enables systems such as electrolysers and two-phase heat exchangers to be made smaller, lighter and more efficient – and at lower cost. 

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nanoFLUX is applied via an economical and highly scalable electro-plating process. It is compatible with a wide range of substrates, including copper, aluminum, nickel, stainless steel, semiconductor materials such as silicon, and wide band-gap materials like ceramics. The nanoFLUX process is low energy, does not involve high temperatures and is based on environmentally-friendly, low-cost materials.


The Science

nanoFLUX is an advanced metallic-alloy coating technology that increases the rate and efficiency of processes involving the generation of gas bubbles at a surface in contact with a fluid. nanoFLUX has a unique dendritic morphology that forms a web of microcavities on the surface of a substrate. These microcavities significantly increase the density of sites available for bubble nucleation.

The highly porous structure also promotes the release of bubbles and re-wetting of the surface. This results in smaller bubbles being generated and released from the coated surface at a much faster rate, reducing the resistance and losses caused by a build-up of bubbles. In addition to these novel properties, nanoFLUX also provides a high surface area, an essential characteristic for thermodynamic and catalytic processes.


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Breakthrough cost-benefit advantage

Applied as alkaline electrolyser electrodes, nanoFLUX provides an unrivalled combination of high performance, low-cost, durability and scalability.

An independent assessment conducted by E4Tech, a leading international consulting firm focussed on sustainable energy technologies, has confirmed the breakthrough cost-benefit advantage provided by nanoFLUX.