The nanoFLUX range®

OnS has developed nanoFLUX®; a low temperature boiling enhancement coating. This coating has been independently verified, by a world leading thermal management team at Brunel University, and has demonstrated a more than six-fold increase in heat transfer coefficient within two-phase systems. The technology can be implemented onto any metallic heat transfer surface and is versatile to accommodate any type of geometry from fully brazed plate heat exchangers to millimetric tubes. The process itself can also be quickly implemented as an after market add-on, or adapted into pre-existing facilities without overhauling established factories.

The nanoFLUX® range can be easily modified to cope with different refrigerants, environments and heat flux ranges and can be fully optimised for individual applications.

nanoFLUX® improvement

nanoflux image


The nanoPROTECT range

OnS has also developed nanoPROTECT, a coating system which can increase the high temperature resistance, corrosion and wearability of its nanoFLUX® range. This system would be perfect in areas affected by oxidation, acidic conditions or very high temperatures.


nanoPROTECT ann
nanoPROTECT after 1100oC thermal treatment